Lanaeii’s Sunday Hair Mask Recipe

Out of all the 7 days there are in a week, I find that Sunday is the best day to relax and do a MASK. Hair Mask to be exact. One lesson that I keep learning over and over, is that with length comes serious responsibilities. Ones that you cannot complete on any other day then Sunday. Everyone works hard throughout the week, and simply cannot add in those grueling hair regimes into our busy schedule. I just happen to be one of those lucky few, I know the struggle people.


With hair down to my waist, I KNOW how length and thickness can drive even the craziest hair fanatic seriously wonkers. It took me two years to find peace with my body, mind, and soul. After the “big chop”, I found myself on a never ending journey. I was searching for easier recipes and regimes to manage this pineapple on top of my head. (Yes, I call my hair a pineapple.) If you look at the picture above you’d understand why, haha. So after so many issues and ‘accidents’ we won’t mention right now, I figured out how to tame my mane.


Which in return inspired this Sunday Hair Mask below!! Hopefully this mask gives you the benefits of days long moisture, and split end protection that I noticed myself. This routine can be very beneficial to those who are too busy in the week to moisturize properly or are a lover of the ever famous “wash’ n ’go”.



1 Cup of water

1 Tablespoon of Raw Cocoa Butter

⅓ cup (2in block) of Raw Mango Butter

⅔ cups of Kokum Butter

2 Tablespoons of Raw Coconut Oil

1 Teaspoon of Virgin Olive Oil

1 Teaspoon of Raw Honey



Bring water to a boil in a small pot on the stove. Once the water boils turn down the heat and add in the Raw Cocoa Butter. It smells like chocolate, so if you add in too much the smell becomes overwhelming and makes you sick, unless you’re a chocoholic! Once the Cocoa melts add in the Mango and Kokum Butters and stir till thoroughly melted and mixed. Remove the pot from heat and let it sit for 5 minutes. Now add in Coconut and Olive Oil and Honey. Stir everything well. Make sure the mixture is completely dissolved.

CAUTION!! Because we heated everything on the stove, this mixture is EXTREMELY HOT!! Please do not put this on you hair until is cool enough but still warm.

Once it’s cool but still a little warm, Start massaging the mixture from scalp to ends. Once your hair is completely covered cover with a shower cap and let it sit for 1 hour. You’ll Have leftovers which is the best part!! You can put them in a tupperware container or add some into a spray bottle with another cup of water and shake and spray for that wash n go routine we love so much!!


During this hour the magic really happens!! When I first started using this mask, I noticed the longer I left it on the softer and more kemp my hair came out. I ended up using it for an hour at a time. But the hour is on a recommendation, you can use it as long as you like or leave it on completely as a leave in conditioner. After about a month, I notice that might slight hair breakage had stopped completely, and my split ends were gone (Can I say Hallelujah?)!


During the year a lot of things happen to our hair that cannot be explained and for anyone on their hair journey this can be both annoying and frustrating. I’ve been there so many times before, the knowledge you may have now may seem pointless or even useless, but the one good advice I can give you is “Keep Trying”. Keep what ‘works for you and toss what doesn’t, Simple right? Not all advice is good advice, especially the kind that given on the bread aisle while you’re constantly asking yourself if that afro is real or a wig. Just saying ladies.


I know I said it before but this journey is about finding ourselves. Don’t let ANYONE bring you down or feed you lies. Trust in YOU, Trust in your OPINIONS, and have FAITH in YOURSELF!


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