Hey, Perms Are Still Okay!


First, I’d like to formally say that “I am tired of being hounded about the Cons of getting my hair Permed”.


Like any other product on the shelves or our favorite Shops and Beauty suppliers, there will be Pros, Cons, and maybe a few Triumphs. Any Hair Enthusiast knows this fully, and understands far beyond a personal level how frustrating the #HAIRJOURNERY can be. It’s like a videogame with a boss level that is simply Unbeatable. We venture out full well knowing what we are getting into, and how much unpaid labor we hired Ourselves to perform.


I’m going to be honest with you, I LOVE PERMS! No, I wasn’t brainwashed at a young age and forced to get them. I know what’s on the other side, I can appreciate the other opinions out there. I’m just happy being less nappy honestly. In 2013, I did the “big chop” and #TRIED to go natural. “Bold, huh?” Well after one very frustratingly long year, I gave up and got a perm and never looked back. One thing everyone needs to understand is that the long and beautiful hair you see on Facebook and Instagram may come from genetics. Don’t go natural just because it’s one of the biggest trends right now.

You should want to do it, to change your lifestyle, look, diet, and overall mental health. There’s more to the topic then just cutting your locks off and feeding your hair. Most of the true dedicated Naturalists, have changed their lives and diet routines to a more concentrated peaceful and soulful lifestyle. They don’t just feed the hair, they try to Enrich those around them.


Once I gave up trying to become something that I could be, I realised what the main problem was. I had no REAL reason to go natural. I am Hawaiian, Polynesian, and Samoan mixed. I’ve always had healthy, thick, lustrous hair to my waist(I promise I’m not gloating). I was raised on the islands, and centered my whole life and beliefs around Family and ‘Paradise’. “Why was I going natural? There are different forms of the idea honestly. “Was I already basically natural?After struggling to try and keep up with the routines, and maintenance guidelines; I quit.


“And Guess what? My hair still grew back Long, Beautiful and Thicker than ever!”


We should all start believing that products are only as good as the user. I’m no beautician, but I can whip up a mean perm and not damage my hair.

Actually your most trusted Beautician, should be Yourself; Simply because you have dealt with your hair the Longest. You know your Roots, and Genetics. I’m not bashing stylists, they are the Bomb; so don’t get me wrong.


What I’m saying is that #PERMS aren’t the enemies.


Not having the knowledge or the know-how to utilize them are the main reason everyone blames them. Here are some #REAL Pros, Cons, and Benefits of using a Perm:


  • Texture, from softest curl to the deepest wave. The effects can be both promising and disheartening at the same time. One way to manipulate the pattern and texture is by choosing the product with a description that fits you criteria. If you have soft subtle curls and kinks, then a SUPER is not, I repeat NOT for you. Be Careful in which brand and style you dabble in aswell. Not all those lovely benefits companies claim are true. Then again everyone is different.


  • Straight/Curly Hair, The Shrinkage is REAL. Something I love about perms is that they can take straight hair to curly vice versa. Just depends on what results you’ll be aiming for. I suffer from shrinkage and perming gives that visual of how much length I actually have. And when Im tired of the silk straight look, right back to curls I go. Simple and easy.


  • Split Ends, This is a Con, But if we’re using the right products and techniques, then don’t fret about it. Perms can cause as well as prevent them. Damage is a problem that can be prevented with a little bit of knowledge.


  • Nappy Roots, The conversion is beautiful if i do say so myself. Perms manage roots and new growth, by easing the texture of those stubborn hairs. It adds to the beauty of styles we try and the overall look of the hair itself. By managing the roots foremost you contribute to the overall health of the head in general. But make sure you protect your scalp when using these chemicals. The damage can be life changing and painful.


  • Moisture, I can hold and also strip us of this. If you over process your hair then this is a huge problem. It’s important to never leave your perm in too long. If your not receiving the results you want, then you are using the wrong product. Never overdo it, most effects are permanent and can take extreme lengths of time to correct.


  • Dandruff, Perms are an elimination of many things including dandruff.They kill off unhealthy bacteria, and gets rid of unclean scents from the hair. It can be a treatment for many things and a healer of sorts. In my experience, the strength of my hair is from using perms honestly and properly.


Results seriously vary on the individual. At one point, I was over processing my hair and burning my scalp. It wasn’t a pretty sight honestly. There’s a lot of misconception on both sides, whether you with us or against us.Even though I finally went natural last year, I’m not a Anti-Perminist (yes just made that up). I can say that I respect them, for what they are and the miracles that they can achieve.

I know I’ll get a lot of hate for saying this, but hey Perms aren’t all bad ladies.


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