Francesca’s ‘The Traveler’ Perfume Review

We recently had a Francesca’s open in our area (YAY). I swear I used to love shopping there when I was a teenager, even though it’s a little pricey, . Sometimes I do find items that are different and the quality is worth my extra pennies. Now that I’m older I couldn’t resist taking a waltz down memory lane.


While on this walk I stumbled upon something I think you’ll enjoy!


Francesca has recently come out with her Signature Perfume ‘Francesca Stories’, and among them is this new scent named “The Traveler”. The name does not do the scent any justice in my opinion. With the Infusion of Sparkling Plum, Orange Flower, Warm Amber it has this ‘otherworldly’ scent. Almost has a powdery smell, but in a good way,  like it’s very light and airy.


When I wear this scent I find myself daydreaming I’m backpacking across Europe and all the dreams that follow. Wait?? I guess the name does do a little justice. Even though I mostly wear the body mist version, it stills last literally all day. When I get ready for bed I can still smell it lingering on my clothes. Also the body mist is gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause any rashes, or burning sensations.(Don’t you just love those)


They happen to offer different versions of the scent in a Big Body Mist bottle $14.99, Regular Perfume $19.99, Roll on $9.99. I bought the body mist and roll on because I knew the body mist would be better for sensitive skin and I could easily carry the roll on in my purse. I recommend you try the roll on first, just in case this scent isn’t for you.


Even though this perfume is infused with many “Loud, and Vibrant” scents, it isn’t overwhelming. I’d describe is as Wild, Young, and Sweet that also makes you feel free. This scent could go from a normal day at work, to grabbing your lovers attention with its uniqueness. Another thumbs up is that it doesn’t stain clothes like other harsher perfumes. Since I’ve been rocking this scent, I’ve gotten compliments everywhere, so many I literally hand out the website link  on cards.


This affordable bold perfume is worth a try, you’ll be happy and your wallet will thank you as well. Guaranteed you’ll be ordering more, I know I will.

(Other Scents in the series include ‘The Muse’, ‘The Rebel’, ‘The Boho’, and ‘The Romantic’)


To experience this scent for yourself click HERE

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