The Benefits of Adding Grapefruit to Your Diet


Most people hear grapefruit and think about how large and sour they are.  Then again, you also hear about people DETOXIFYING their bodies to either help them get LEAN and FIT and or kick start their diet plans.  

Here I have at least three different reasons why a Grapefruit Detox Water can help you!



Grapefruit: it’s sour and tart and I usually will not eat it without sugar, but hey-the way the it’s infused with my water just seems to taste right you know? Grapefruits are super rich in acid and have tons of enzymes that help to kick start your metabolism.  They are full of vitamin C which in turn can help with the anti-aging factor that we all wish to avoid.  Acidic fruits, grapefruit in particular, have such a great amount of acid to them they help the body to eliminate waste much more rapidly.



Our bodies are mostly water and we all know that in order to maintain happy, healthy skin… is to drink plenty of water! Duh! A lot of us tend to go towards the sugary, dark drinks such as sodas, juice, and sometimes even bottled teas (which can contain as much sugar as a soda)  Although some of these are some of the best things that can grace our delicate taste buds, we have to make sure that we take care of ourselves and switch up our routine for something else.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even just use the fruit itself to exfoliate and brighten skin.



As I have stated before, grapefruit is very acidic; which means it can help not just skin and metabolism but your overall health! I mean how awesome is that?! Well, in short; just having some grapefruit water, or even a grapefruit itself for breakfast you’re helping out with urinary disorders, flatulence, indigestion, constipation, insomnia, fatigue, and even fight off baddies like the flu!  All of that vitamin C and those enzymes come a long way, trust me!


Kale and Pink Grapefruit Salad


If you’re a person who still likes to spice things up here and there, another good way to make your water more exciting would be to add a little lemon, mint, and blueberries (YUM!) You could also add grapefruit to a salad, peel it and have it as a snack, or even make citrus bars with them!  Either way, there are tons of options to NEVER be bored with it.


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