Ultimate Split End Hair Mask

This Mask is seriously Ultimate. Each one of the Ingredients by themselves are known to help in the prevention battle against SPLIT ENDS. But together who knew how powerful the are in treating and lessening the effects of the splits.


The instructions are very simple, but execution and measurements are IMPORTANT. I personally measured and tested the effects of each ingredient. Most of the heavy protein ingredients are added in smaller amounts  because over exposing your hair to high levels of protein will lead to serious consequence such as HAIR LOSS. it is okay to add in ingredients and lower measurements but I highly recommend against raising the protein levels.

After using this mask, you should immediately notice a newfound softness to your hair. I had mega hydration that lasted throughout the week. Though these effects and symptoms depends on your personal hair health and daily routine. If you’re not one big for moisturizing regularly, then this mask will suit you fine. Simply because you should only use this Mask on a weekly basis. After being on this regime for a couple weeks, you should notice significant change in texture and overall look of your hair.

In my experience most people that report back after sampling this have noticed less and less split ends and a better grade of their natural hair.

So please try this treatment and let us know how it fairs for you, we could always use comments and tweaks for any of our products. Go to the Tip section of this page for more ideas on how to tweak and add in more hydrating effects.


1 Egg

½ Avocado

⅛ Cup Mayo

2 Tbsp Olive oil

⅓ Cup Beer

½ Banana

⅓ Cup of fresh Papaya

4 Tbsp Argon oil



This is very simple, First mix all of the thick fruits into a nice paste. Then add in the beer and mayo. Mix the egg and oils together separately and add them in once the egg is broken down. Make sure everything is mix well and creamy.


Then starting at the ends of your hair, mix up but not into the scalp. Make sure all of your ends a coated well and throughout the rest of the hair. (REMEMBER MISS THE SCALP!)

10 kin

After no longer than 10mins, Rinse your hair COMPLETELY. Make sure none of the mask is left behind. Then use a non abrasive shampoo and clean the residue from your hair. You can condition however you like.


After Treatment:

Finish off with a little 100% Castor Oil and fully spread it through all of you hair. This may leave your hair a little sticky, so I recommend light spraying it with coconut water to loosen up the castor oil, making it easier to spread through your hair. Also Castor oil helps strength your hair from inside to outside, so its a great add in especially if your trying to upgrade the overall health of your hair.


  • Add in 1 Tbsp of Honey for extra strength or Hydration.
  • You can remove the Beer altogether and instead add the whole advocado and turn it in a greener hair mask
  • Mix all ingredients except raw fruits first. Then light mash the fruits and add everything together for a thicker consistency recipe.
  • Remove Mayo, Lessen beer to 3 Tbsp and add in  1 Tbsp Jojoba Oil. Adds a fresher smell for sensitive noses, all the while keeping up the extra punch of vitamins for your hair.
  • Remove Beer, Banana, Mayo, Papaya. Add in 1 Tbsp Rosemary Oil. It smells heavenly all mixed together.

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