FLOWER Lipstick Review




FLOWER by Drew


    While doing some make-up aisle hopping, I came across a brand known as Flower.  The name itself was simple yet pretty to me and a lot of the different shades that I saw drew me in.  It made me think to myself; ‘I have to have one of these.’  So with less than a  thought and second to spare I grabbed a shade from the wall and was on my way, eager to try my new color!






    First thing’s first; I made sure that I had exfoliated my lips and that they were moisturized well before wearing my new lip lacquer all day, I mean you never really know how they are going to turn out (who wants a makeup encrusted lips?)





While applying the new exciting color of mine, I noticed that it was really sticky and thick.



Flower Lipstick on Left, and Liquid Lipstick on Right


    I thought to myself: Not to worry, maybe only one coat.

    The lacquer, sadly, only lasted about an hour or two before reapplication.  I made sure not to eat or drink so that way I was 100% getting the full wear out of the color before the reapplication time.  The stain from the color lasted fairly well, but again, I had to reapply it just to make sure that it stayed all day.



To see the full collection or learn more about FLOWER  CLICK HERE!!



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