8 Essential Oils for Every Household

“Its Simply crazy to believe the sheer amount of people who do not know the benefits and importance of essential oils!”


There are so many different kinds of oils and each one has specific uses and benefits. These oils have been used for centuries and the knowledge of them were passed down to the many generations to come. The only thing is lately with the internet and all, this information has been mixed up in more ways than ever can be deciphered, not to mention there are countless people who have so many versions of when, how, and why to use which oil. It can be troubling to figure out which ones are the best to choose from and almost just as hard to find a good place to shop for them. Honestly, researching the more popular essential oils can be done in the free time, but here I have the 8 most prominent oils listed below so you don’t have to look long.

These here are some of the oils that many people choose to use on a daily basis. Not only do they smell good and sound fancy; but when you become educated about what you’re using and why, you will know that peace-of-mind feeling that you are completely taken care of. In case you find a few you’d like to sample or you know exactly what you want, I recommend ordering some offline at BULKAPOTHECARY.COM


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  1. Lemon Essential Oil.


Everyone should be familiar with the effects of adding Lemon to their diets, those same goes for this oil. Scientists has linked this oil to better concentration levels and improvement brain activity. Its effects can cleanse and purify surroundings and bodies; as wells as eliminate bad breath and improve oral health. It can Hydrate the skin, Support Healthy Digestion and of course Promote Weight loss.

  1. Peppermint Oil.


Peppermint oil has such an amazing and vibrant scent that it can energize the tired and calm the sick. It’s just one of the many reason why it’s one of the top sought after essential oils. It’s well known to aid in taking the edge off Nausea and motion sickness. As well as relieving the effects of Sinusitis, Fatigue, Vertigo and Headaches. There has been vast studies on its connections to aiding in the improvement of mental accuracy up to 28%.

  1. Lavender Essential Oil


With it’s sweet and floral scent this is in the top of the essential oils and very popular worldwide. It is in such high demand for the ambiance it creates using a diffuser and inducing better sleep. It can help lessen panic attacks, depression, stress and earaches. Some people have used it to treat and lower blood pressure. It’s also known as a antiseptic, and has been rubbed on stings and bug bites for years.  The vivid smell can even keep the bugs away. 

  1. Rosemary Oil.


Known for its rejuvenating effects it can stimulate circulation in the scalp to treat dandruff and other scalp-related conditions. It can also be used to treat split ends in your hair. When feeling stressed or cornered Rosemary Oil will be the savior of your weary soul. It can lead to mental clarity, anxiety relief, and aid in focusing. Scientist have even proven that the effect on arthritis and muscle pain can be treated with Rosemary Oil. Diffusing this oil creates a nice and fiery aroma that’s both relaxing and calming.  

  1. Eucalyptus Oil.


Very prominent is the winter-cold seasons for aiding in treating coughs, sinus pain and inflammation. It has often been used to lessen asthma attacks and respiratory infections. This oil seriously offers a wide variety of benefits including antibacterial, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory, as well as the ability to serve as a deodorant and decongestant.

  1. Frankincense Oil.

Frankincense oil

This oil has been known for it’s help with battling cancer, reducing inflammation, and lessening pain. It can also treat and reduce the looks and effects of stretch marks and boost your immunity. It has such a spicey, woody, and fruity scent and smells amazing while diffusing it around the house. Small doses on wounds will help them heal quickly and lessen insect bite pains. Usually you need to mix it with a carrier oil like jojoba for it diffuse properly.

  1. Chamomile Oil.

oil in a glass bottle on the background of camomile flowers

This oil has powerful calming benefits and is an effective mood booster. There are 2 different types of this oil. Roman Chamomile which has anti inflammatory benefits and can be very calming. German Chamomile is the most potent in reducing inflammatory of the urinary and digestive system. Chamomile over all is linked to treating skin diseases like eczema, and rashes. It also aids in the relief of hemorrhoids.

  1. Tea Tree Oil.


One of the most popular and effective essential oils, tea tree oil is widely used to fight infections and boost the immune system. Tea tree oil’s healing benefits are immense and can be used to treat skin conditions, cuts and burns, dandruff, athlete’s foot, and blemishes among many others. Try dabbing a drop of this oil on skin to help heal blemishes or add a few drops to your shampoo to improve scalp health.


Just take a whirl at adding a few of these oils into your daily routines, you might just fall in love. For those with extremely busy lifestyles; just simply use a diffuser and you’ll be swimming in instant benefits and relaxation. Take it a step further and educate the rest of your household so that they know the importance of your new routine. Perhaps they’ll even get submersed in your new HEALTHY habits. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, now is it?

Couldn’t be any easier, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!


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