Maumea: 2017 Spring Edition


Spring 2017

Hello there my lovelies!  I am proud to give you this article about a couple of 2017 trends that could be brought to your attention for the Spring!  I mean how can you spell original without Maumea?


Dress to Impress:

There are many ways to put your outfit on point, but this particular one that I typically go for would be to bare the shoulders; you know what I’m talking about with the shoulder cutouts!  Billowy, light, and breezy tops, skirts, rompers, and dresses are a must during the season, it’s like a freedom from being clad in those heavy and constricting winter clothes that trap all of our inner hippie.


Flower Power:

Speaking of ‘Inner Hippie’ that brings me to my next topic of choice, flower crowns! I mean, WHO doesn’t love these things?  Not only are they totes perf for Spring but you can definitely use them during the summer as well!  Hello, what’s better than being versatile, especially through the season changes? These bad boys are the best thing that I can think of that would definitely set an outfit off!  The bigger the better.


Colors of the Court:

Now those of us who love, love, love to have our nails done; I have the perfect set here.  As I have now, a powder blue nail; or Cinderella Blue as I call it, with the a cute white daisy to ordain each finger.  In love? I am.  Not to mention super detailed for my spring theme.  I like to believe that light purples, pastel blues, blush pinks, and of course minty greens are a must for the season


The True BFF:

I mean, this is literally one of a girl’s best friend. Her shoes!  So that means you can dust off your strappy heels and peep-toe wedges to make that spring time statement.  Whether it be two or six inches or perhaps even nine if you’re feeling frisky.  My spring-time go-to is the timeless strappy heels, I’m sure you lovelies will make the right choices.


The Finale of Statements:

I know I speak for most of us when I say that everything we wear must have a pair of earrings that complete our outfits.  During the spring is a great time to try out new things and completely reinvent the closet that you have come to know and love over the winter; which means accessorize any and every way you can!  Ear climbers, the earrings that go up the ear, are totally in this season not to mention adding a couple of midi rings and hair adornments that will rock your day and keep ‘em looking!

I know some of these ideas might be a bit outlandish or over-exaggerated but what better way than to be original huh?


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