Is Your Skincare Routine Healthy?

“Seriously I did not want to ask you this but; Is your skincare regime HEALTHY?”

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I know earlier we went over the whole “Moisturizer should be BAE” thing; as well as how to complete the process and moisturize properly. Just in case you haven’t read that article OR you know nothing about moisturizing and need help putting together a successful routine CLICK HERE. For everyone else who believes they are a skincare GURU and have a so called PERFECT routine, you may be surprised of what you could be a victim to. Victim of what? Facial care blindness of course.

We often get so wrapped up in tutorials, and the latest product craze that we simple forget to listen to what our skin actually wants. Don’t believe me? Well let me just say one thing that might make you take a second look at yourself.

“If your daily skincare regime does not consist of at least 4 or more steps or products. You’re definitely off track”

The amount of steps and product isn’t the only reason your regime may be poisoned. You could be blindly using products without knowing why you’re using them or what effects you’re supposed to receive. Why use an acne spot treatment, when you have zero acne or spots. Or a product that even skin tone, when you’re not suffering from this condition. Even though these products may work, and leave the skin feeling refresh its not a good idea to use them especially if there for a specific purpose. Even I’m guilty of using a product because it made my skin feel good, but I never knew why I should use it. That’s why we’re going to go over the proper steps and products to make a good and balanced routine. I’ll explain the uses and why these products should be used.


Facial Cleansers are separated into 4 categories which basically described their purpose and the problems or skin conditions they treat.

The first category would be Surfactants which happens to be the base for many cleansing products. They remove dirt, particles, debris, oil and other skin irritants. Often Surfactants are used to lower the irritations of cleanser by mixing these products together.
The second category is Humectants that help in retaining skin moisture. One of the most popular known Humectant is Glycerin which is widely familiar because our skin contains a similar form of this substance.
The third category are Emollients which contribute in reducing the moisture amounts lost from the skin after cleansing products have been used. Some of the most popular Emollients are Petrolatum, Lanolin, Mineral Oil, and Ceramides.
The fourth and last category is Exfoliants which contributes in removing dead skin cells leaving a bright and luscious overall appearance. Most Exfoliants are a compound of beads or seeds. Which gives a good appearance to the consumer but cannot provide a deep clean beyond just visual effects.

By basing your cleansing product off the categories that match your skins need, you should have picked one that leaves your skin soft and feeling clean. It should have a nice bright appearance and no traces of irritation. To achieve these looks and results, you also need to take into consideration what type of skin you possess. Whether you have oily to dry skin, or sensitive to normal to severe; or the dreaded combination.

Step 2: TONER

This step in the regime has a bad reputation solely because most people use the wrong version of this product.

There are various of types such as Skin Refreshers, that hydrate the skin, to Astringents, that clean the skin and treat breakouts because they are alcohol-based. Don’t be discourage though, Toners are amazing products if you utilize them correctly. Such as Shrink Pores, Levels Skin PH Balance, Adds a Layer of Protection, Moisturizes, Prevents Ingrown Hairs and Refreshes the Skin. There are other known benefits that can be achieved by adding this product into your regime. Most of which are user based and have low percentage rates in studies.

            Hydrating Facial Toners, are best paired with Dry Skin, simply because they are of course Hydrating but also Moisturizing. Try your best to avoid products that have a lot of Alcohol based ingredients such as Petrolatum, Ethanol, Denatured, Isopropyl, SD 40, and Sodium or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. It’s best to stick with products that have peptides, glycolipids, rose hips seed oil or jojoba oil, dimethicone, and glycolic acid in their ingredients labels.

Refreshing Facial Toner, are best suited for Oily Skin mainly because their are Refreshing and gentle on the skin. Again, choosing the proper Facial Toner for your routine can be tricky, most mistakes are made because the user does not take into consideration their skin types and sensitivity levels.

Gentle Facial Toner, are paired best with Sensitive Skin and Combination Skin. Mostly because they provide less agitation and irritation with their mild ingredients. Its best to use Mild Toners with anti-inflammatory benefits and that are full of antioxidants. Some of the best ingredients to look out for are beta glucans, sea whip, white tea extract, and glycerin. Do you best to avoid products that claim to be for sensitive skin but are full synthetic dyes and fragrances, alcohol (SD40, denatured, ethanol, and isopropanol), and sodium or ammonium lauryl sulfate.


Acne is a facial epidemic EVERYONE has faced at least once in their lives.

Treating the breakouts can have disastrous side effects and can be a hard downhill battle. What’s even crazier is that people actually believe ignoring them can solve the problem better than suiting up for the fight. This method of thinking is dated, their are so many successful products out there can lessen the effects of Acne, visually and physically.
Acne Spot Treatments are a concentrated product that are geared to relieve pain and appearances acne. They’re mostly used for sudden breakouts instead of a long term treatment, simply because of the high levels of active ingredients in them. Although this product is strong enough to treat existing Acne spots and even those who are just forming. To Achieve maximum results you always apply these products on a fresh face, under any makeup and try to achieve the directed applications throughout the day. Some of the best products out there contain 3 major ingredients which aid in its corrective capabilities.

Sulfur breaks down benzoic acid and oxygen when applied to the skin and uses the oxygen to kill bacteria and exfoliate the skin.

Salicylic Acid can be an effective exfoliant that aids in unclogging pores, as well as an anti-inflammatory.

Benzoyl Peroxide has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and aids in removing dead skin cells from the pores.

Step 4: SERUMS

Even though there are so many products out there to choose from, this step is actually the easiest to achieve.

       But there is 1 MAJOR downfall our skin cycles out every 28 days, which means you’ll have to devote yourself to 1 SERUM for a month to basically see if it works or not. Other than that major downfall picking and choosing a serum can be simple because most of the products are already separated into categories for you. For instance Anti Aging (which we won’t cover, sorry!):

For Hydrated Skin basically go with anything that has hyaluronic acid in it. Basically helps retain moisture longer and creates that total hydrated look and feel we love. The best part about a hydrating serum is that is gives us all the benefits of a cream moisturizer without the weight downs or greased look. Which is also essential for sensitive and combination skin.

Healthy Skin anything with glycolic acid or AHAs, rose hips, aloe vera, anti-inflammatory properties etc, can be effective in achieving this result. They aid in gently slough dead skin cells and prevent them from clogging your pores. Which results in smooth, refreshed, lasting hydration, younger looking skin.

Brighter Complexion is what everyone wants to achieve in life. Unfortunately there are a lot reasons why this can seem impossible to achieve such as Sun Exposure, Sleep Regimes, Alcohol and Smoking Habits and Genetics. Serums rich in L-ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C are great for brightening and evening the skin tone. This ingredient contains powerful antioxidants that fight and reverse damage even in severe cases as well.


Our keyword to center everything we shop for is “MOISTURIZER”. So you seriously want to find products around hydration, and testing them on your hand. To make this simple look for products that include 1 HUMECTANT( they create long lasting moisture) , Such as Hyaluronic acid, Propylene glycol, and glycerin. Good ingredients to look for include hyaluronic acid and oils like jojoba, argan, and rosehip. Ingredients can be important but please pay attention to your skin’s sensitivity levels. There are products made with you in mind if you have very sensitive skin, or oily skin, even dry skin.

Some of the benefits and results of using a moisturizer daily are:
Boosts Hydration in your skin, including Facial regions
Prevents Dullness and Flakiness
Helps anti aging
Creates a barrier of moisture that can last for hours, sometimes all day
Reduces Dark spots
Even skin tone
Reduce Risks of Skin Cancer

Now this is the part everyone gets a tab bit confused on. Once you have all your products and you know all the facts about them. You should have 2 different styles to your routine. Such as a day and night version. Sounds crazy but why would you put on sunscreen just to catch some z’s?

Here’s an example of a healthy setup:

Day Regimen Order

Night Regimen Order
Spot treatment
Eye cream
Moisturizer or face oil

Breaking up or separating products by uses into 2 separate regimen insures your skin will get the maximum effects of your products. For example; heavy products that need ample of time to absorb should be used overnight while thinner products can be used during the day when prep time is short.

I know it may seem ridiculous and a lot of unnecessary work, but knowing why and how we use our products is equally as important to knowing what’s inside of them. By following a properly thought out regime, with the proper products for your skin type and problems you’re not only benefiting your skin’s health but your overall health.

Also, with clearer healthier skin your confidence will sky rocket.



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