Let’s Drop Everything and.. Travel!!

Doesn’t it seem like everyone on social media is having the time of their lives? Here we are just wasting away wishing we could just take a trip to Walmart and get bananas and not worry about the light bill. I’ve found myself in that slump more often than you can realize. Life was dark then.. There are times where I’d be scrolling through social media, checking out all those grand adventures people go on like skydiving or extreme rock climbing and such.


Which is one thing I could never do, I’m scared of heights, I’d have a heart attack before I even get to enjoy the sights.


I know most people believe that true happiness is a figment of our imagination and that we are all doomed and destined to be sad and miserable. I’ve had that thought of mind before and it was pretty.  Anyways, everything being said right now is only leading us up to the point of this whole time. Often enough we let life and responsibilities get in the way of what we truly desire.


Drop everything and Travel!

Lets travel 1

There are so many amazing, beautiful, fun, and mysterious countries and places to see. Life is way too short to sit behind a desk and never experience true freedom! Sadly, I was like that once. I wanted to do so much, yet I was afraid. Only now I realize what truly scared me the most; Life. Failing, Learning lessons, Falling in Love, and Dying. All of this only aided in depression, and feeling miserable and just being bored altogether. I seriously thought it was better to watch my friends, coworkers, all those people on Instagram have the life I wanted was okay. This went on until something horrible hit close to home and experienced first hand how SHORT life can be.


I lost a dear friend, and in the wake of those tragic details I won’t dare ruin the mood with. I learned that she wrote me a letter, the letter isn’t what stirred the pot though, it was her closing statements; she said that “If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t. Even if it meant I’d live longer and wiser. I could never achieve the happiness I’ve felt in my last days again. Though I’ll die young and leave my love ones alone I’m truly happy and satisfied with my life. So you should be too. Tomorrow waits for no one.”


Could that be any more powerful coming from a 19 year old girl?!

I mean how could she know she would die before she was 20, Or even so suddenly like that?


It seriously made me realize that I could die tomorrow and not have achieved any of my goals or aspirations. I could die unsatisfied and unhappy. How awful that would be? Something had to change fast.  So I took some of my savings and quit my job and flew to Tokyo for 6 long years and soul searched. That one trip turned into a handful of miniature trips, close yet far away places such as South Korea, China and the Philippines. I was given those opportunities because travel overseas is so inexpensive. I know that sounds crazy but I had the best time of my life! You’re probably saying to yourself that


“I could never just leave my family, job, cat, butterfly’- or whatever!”


But were meant to leave the nest.. Literally.




This is no exception, traveling and experiencing the world has way more benefits than becoming cultured or just experiencing nature. There’s more of a personal value aspect that one can gain from the overall point at hand. Somewhere along the beautiful streets of Yokohama I found myself; the person whom I was meant to be. If you take our advice and jump ship maybe you’ll succeed in discovering that little person you pushed into the deepest cracks of your heart again. It may not happen tomorrow or from an overlooking view atop the timeless beauty of the Eiffel Tower, or at the bay of a breathtaking ocean side in Greece.  Even more so; it could be in your own backyard or, maybe a winery deep in California or a back road in Mississippi. It’s never about the destination but more of the road your traveling and where it leads you.

lets travel 2

Ten years ago I would have never imagined I’d end up in Japan, or even overseas at all. However I’m glad I did it, I met some amazing people and made memories to last me a lifetime. That one trip turned into a handful of miniature trips, close yet far away places such as South Korea, China and the Philippines. I was given those opportunities because travel overseas is so inexpensive. But anyways to get to the overall point of our conversation!


Once you identify the problem at hand, and take steps to free yourself of hardship, life honestly doesn’t seem that bad. In my defense, I was surrounded by people that thrived on poisoning anything positive I had going for myself. I even tricked myself into believing that this was how life was supposed to be. HOW TRAGIC! It’s hard, but we must eliminate anything negative in our lives so that we can grow, and expand our horizons. There isn’t a part in this world that’s not within our reach, I understand that you may be scared of change and getting out of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it in the end.


Never let anyone or anything stop you from living your potential. You are destined for something far more greater than eating, sleeping and watching Netflix.Experience the ‘Real world’, meet new people, fall in love, discover a new star, sky dive, take a hot air balloon ride, backpack across Europe.


Be Strong, Be Positive, Be the Best, Be You, and Always Always Love You..



lets travel 3.jpg


*This is my own personal opinion, you are free to do whatever you desire, just throwing my small amount of pennies in**

Do Not Create A Bucket List!!” the reason being is that you’re basically preparing for death and if you happen to be like me and fulfill your entire list before your 20. Then you’re left trying wondering if living is even worth it anymore. Plus in general I think bucket lists are pointless, seriously think about it. You’re making a list to complete years from now when you’re about to ‘kick the bucket’; WHY WAIT THAT LONG?? We can seriously live in the now get a full experience of live and be happy.


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