LUXE Collagen Under-Eye Pads

“LUXE Beauty Care Signature Under-Eye Pads Formulated with Collagen to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

I was so excited when I found these pads at a random trip to Marshalls. First, because I never can find anything good to try especially in their cosmetics aisle. Secondly, I LOVE EYE PADS. They can be so refreshing in the morning and aid in blending a good concealer. They make your eyes look so tight and refreshed; especially if you suffer from bags and dark circles.

There are 5 pairs of eye pads in this box which is pretty decent for the $3.99 I spent on it overall. The packaging is kinda simple, almost too simple but they waste no time in advertising their signature Anti-wrinkle Serum, 15 Minute eye therapy, Reduced dark eye shadows, and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. They also promise that their product Energizes & Revitalizes tired eyes, Relieve Puffiness & Swelling, and Visibly Diminish Under Eye Shadows.

Each mask is filled with a nice amount of product and a even little extra left in the packaging for you to apply on top of your eyelids if you have dark spots or those tired line there as well. Which is a plus because who wouldn’t want a little extra product right?

Alright then; here’s the dirty low-down on these bad boys…

At first I was super excited because these were oozing with product but I have come to learn the hard way that less is more. Like seriously though, it seemed nearly in an instant that I was covered in the excess product which in turn also felt like a thick slime on my face. Which also began to make my face itch, may be a reaction to too much product or it maybe because I have a sensitivity but then again I decided to tough it out as best as I could; once my 15 minutes were up, oh boy i couldn’t wait, I removed the pads from under my eye and washed my face of the remaining slime off.

While I didn’t see any immediate results as of the coloring of under my eyes, the skin did feel softer as well as reduce some puffiness. Personally I give it a 3 out of 5, only due to my immediate results, but I guess one cannot expect a miracle with 15 minutes now can we?


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