NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion

First off, How cool is it that you can bathe and moisturize in the shower at one time?

That was like definitely the major selling point for me and one of the main reasons I just had to try this product. Of course one of my favorite brands was the creator of this awesome product. If you haven’t stumbled upon this item yet, you can find it at any Target, Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS for sure and from time to time even your local dollar stores.

Overall this whole experience was pretty interesting and kind of weird at the same time. I mean no weirder than putting on lotion while still in the shower with the water running. Even so; almost everything NIVEA promises with this specific product is true. It does moisturize instantly, It doesn’t feel sticky, your skin does feel smooth and soft and yes, you will fall in the tub if you put this on your feet. I ignored the warnings, Don’t be like me everyone!

The cost can range between $3-$6 dollars for this product depending on where you purchase from. So shopping around a little will definitely benefit you. Not to mention NIVEA does offer coupons for this product online as well. It comes with very simple instructions such as:

* Shower Normally with your usual products

*Use this product on wet skin while still in the shower, avoid bottom of feet

*Rinse Body

*Dress and Go

The only hang up was that they didn’t list how well, or shall I say; how long you should rinse your body after application. I say this because after my first initial application I believed I rinsed off too well; which I believe aided in my 24hr moisture actually lasting less than 1hr. Now believe me when I say that I didn’t write this review based off 1 use. I seriously dedicated myself for an entire week to this product.

It was only until my 4th application that I realised if I apply a generous amount to my skin and just rinse for a few seconds that you get the maximum effects. I didn’t have to re-apply any moisturizer through my entire 8 hour shift at work, except to my hands because I constantly wash them. My skin felt so smooth, healthy and had a nice glow. If you’re familiar with any of NIVEA’S lotions or creams, then you know how greasy or thick they feel. But after you rinse this product off it feels nothing like that at all.

The longest I noticed it lasted was a good 10hrs, ; which is really good considering most products out there can’t withstand 15mins of day to day wear. However, I was not standing 10 hours outside in the sun so I honestly cannot tell you how well it would last on a trip to the beach or pool.

I do recommend this product simply because it’s unique, fun and useful for those with tight schedules. It saves time if you’ve woken up late, only got 15mins to get ready and need to quickly shower and apply makeup. 3 of your morning routine steps you can do all in the shower!! Isn’t that neat?


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