Are you a victim of these 5 Common SkinCare Mistakes?

Are You A Victim?

5 Common Skin Care Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Hey there lovelies! Today is a good day to talk about one of the largest organs of the body; the skin. I know that we’ve all probably have heard about all the different types of skin creams and serums that are out there, not to mention the hot-cold method. Today, however, I will be going over the don’ts more so than the do’s. Who knows I might even add a little extra for you guys 😉

Let’s Get Started..

Not wearing foundation daily..

I often wonder myself who exactly started the myth about wearing foundation daily being bad for your skin? Maybe 50 years ago it could have caused a few issues, but with today’s modern advancements and Health Care breakthroughs, I couldn’t imagine believing this myth.

Following Potentially Damaging skin care trends..

Ever wondered where all these crazy trends are coming from? I seriously don’t know and I’m guessing you don’t either, which is a good reason to not follow or even add them into your beauty regimen! A fine example would be the new trend called ‘Firestarter’, which consists of covering your face in alcohol and setting it on fire to “Burn away impurities in the skin”. That honestly sounds crazy, there’s no way to safely perform this trend without a trip to the hospital. Just because something is popular or may even look good doesn’t mean it is good for you! Stick to a balanced skin care routine that utilizes helpful main points or issues with your skin! Don’t fall victim and put yourself, or even your beautiful supple skin at risk.

Not cleansing properly at night..

This is one of the most important steps in a healthy skin care regimen. You need to wash away irritants, bacteria, and makeup off your skin everyday. By not completing this step properly, you’ll end up with clogged pores and raging patches of acne! A lot of people do remove makeup, but do not cleanse their skin at night. In case you’re confused and think those 2 are the same thing, then you are slightly wrong. Cleansing can be a multi-part step in itself. Just depends on how many layers or items you have to remove to get to the nitty gritty.

Over exfoliating..

It’s good to have a good exfoliating regimen, such as once a week or twice a month. It aids in removing dead skin cells, refreshing the face, creating a soft skin texture and aiding in keeping the skin supple and youthful looking. However, you can abuse this trend and permanently damage your skin. Exfoliating everyday, multiple times a day , etc. can be costly. Your scraping away layers of skin, and removing natural oils that are essential to your skin’s protection from UV rays and outside irritants. Evaluate your routine and make sure you’re not abusing this step.

Using the wrong Products..

Not know your skin type, or why you use certain products can be some of the main reasons were using the wrong products. If you don’t have acne, please do not use an acne spot treatment product. Whoa, Deja Vu there for a second! Try not to dabble too far out of your skin specified product zones, I know it’s tempting but your skin can pay a hefty price if you go to crazy. A good example would be knowing you’re allergic to lemons, but love the smell of facial cleanser with lemon scents. Most products with that particle smell are going to have Lemon extract in their ingredient list, which can contribute to rashes and dark spots if used.

The bottom line is; we all love our skin. The healthier it is, the better you feel about it. Do your best lovelies, I know you’re beautiful without even trying.

–XOXO Lanaeii

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