Soulmates vs Life Partners

Soulmates vs Life Partners


Have you ever heard of the phrase…

“Just because you’ve found your soulmate, doesn’t mean you’re meant to be with them?”

I’ll admit that phrase used to confuse me until I found out the true difference between a Soulmate and a Life Partner. Now I’m not saying i know some mystical secret that the has never been unveiled to the known world or anything. Yet it’s not just some standard knowledge either. Truth be told, you will only know the difference once you have experienced it. Of course I’m only speaking from where I stand on this debate, which is at the edge of my self consciousness.

When you hear the word ‘Soulmate’, the first thing comes to mind is romance, right? Well that’s not what a true soulmate is. Honestly, a soulmate can be your best friend from college, neighbor, sister, brother and even your own mother. I know it seems kind of creepy to think about it like that but never has there been any specific gender, romantic or status tied to the idea of a soulmate. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I never knew that aspect about it at all. I guess you can say I was searching for a form of something that didn’t exist. I expected my soulmate to be the love of my life, someone I will marry and spend eternity with. Not knowing that yes that is one of the possibilities, but also that this could be farther from what I may find.

Before we dive any deeper into my self realization and the main points I’ll share, let’s make sure we’re on the same page here.


What is a Soulmate?

A soulmate is someone that you can connect with on a level far deeper than everyday romance. The bond between you and that person will be deeper than physical/ sexual attraction, trait similarities, common hobbies/ pastimes. It is even stronger and deeper than a ‘First Love’ romance; which is one of the few events that will still affect how you see romance and relationships in the future. The idea of ‘Love’ is something that can be forced, and learned by deepening the relationship through trial and error. Though many forget there are many kinds of love such as between family members, friends, and romantic interests. Love can present itself in many forms, which you can compare closely to the idea of a soulmate. For example 2 best friends of 10 years can share a love/ bond so strong that it withstood the test and trials of time. Love has no depiction of gender roles, though many believe it does.

So why is ‘love’ free from gender roles, but the idea of a ‘soulmate’ isn’t?

There are a lot of controversy surrounding the whole idea of a soulmate. Mostly you can compare it to gender roles and everyday romance of the modern world. However, please believe that your soulmate will/ can present themselves in more ways than one. Meaning your soulmate could easily be your best friend from highschool and be non romantical. Just like there are different forms of love, there are just as many different forms of connections for soulmates.

To truly understand if you’ve found your soulmate or what could be material of a soulmate, you need to first understand what makes up the main connections.

  • Unable to describe the attraction
    • Trying to figure out how that person makes you feel or how protected you feel is as impossible as searching the infinite cosmo of the universe.
  • Connected by more than physical attraction
    • That spark didn’t set off because they are good looking. With the spaces in their consciousness they seem to challenge your own self awareness. Creating that ambiance of something felt but never seen.
  • Virtually Inseparable
    • Alone it feel likes only half of your’ being is present; but together the body is stronger. Who would want to walk around half complete?
  • You Cannot imagine Life without them
    • Tomorrow is an eternity you’d never want to see without them. Even though the future will always be bright together, alone the power bill has not been paid. So darkness will seem to surround anywhere you two are not together

As humans we automatically compare the idea of relationships with romance and love. Not realizing that we share that same idea with all the other forms of that category. We are surrounded by so many relationships that it can be hard to differentiate the difference among them. But who exactly said that your soulmate can only be compared to a ‘romantic interest’? Honestly that person could actually be your best friend, or even your sister. It might sound weird, but remember when I mentioned that you connect by more than just physical attraction. Most best friends have a bond that is stronger than time, and more complex that liking the same music. They just click and are inseparable and cannot explain why they see each other that way. Aren’t these some of the same qualities of a soulmate?

Analyze and compare some of your current deepest relationships; look and see who best fits this description. You may have met your soulmate a long time ago; if not, then the future is very bright and full of possibles.

Life Partner- Relationship.jpg

What is a Life Partner?

Similar to the structural ideals of soulmates, Life partners are also free of gender roles. The most important difference is that Life Partners are mainly tied to the idea of romantic relationships and love interests. Meaning a Life partner can be equal to our current/ future wife or husband. The spectrum with this idea isn’t very wide, but has a lot of room for growth. This person can be a childhood friend, college buddy, or the barista at the starbucks you visit. It cannot or at least shouldn’t be any of your family. Sometimes this idea crosses and completely blends with the idea of a soulmate, but only when best friends get married. I don’t think I need to explain this because the idea is generalized enough.

If you are confused by this simply merge the traits/idea of a Life partner with the traits/idea of a soulmate.

Though these ideas cross often, they are very different. This can be confusing at times because they do share a couple common traits. Only the deepness of it can define exactly which category that person can fall into.

Some of the basic important traits of a Life partner are:

  • Physically and Mentally attracted
    • Ever heard of the saying “The apple of my eye”? Well there’s a reason why you find yourself staring into their eyes sometimes.
  • Connected by similarities, traits, common interests
    • Liking the same food, bands, cars or even enjoy walks are all ways you guys have found a way to connect.
  • Deepened Love over time
    • We all know that puppy love stage, but with time and dedication you’ve worked your way up to a deeper love than high school romance.

Soulmate vs Life Partner 2.jpg

Back to Square One?

All of this can seem very confusing when it comes down to the wires. But I’m honestly here to just share my thoughts one everything we just went over. I have so many friends and acquaintances that say one of their biggest fears is the possibility that they may never find their their other halves. At one time, i could really agree with them on this point. It can be scary to face the world believing one is ‘half’ complete.

But, this couldn’t be farther from the truth!

In all honesty it is just as important to love yourself before you try searching for this love that transcends the known cosmos first. How can one find what is missing if you don’t even know? You can compare this to the fears of never finding purpose in life or a love interest to share it with. Time waits for no one, yet time should not be used to fret over issues we cannot control. If your destiny is in movement you’ll find truth in my words here. And, if after looking over your current relationships you realize your soulmate isn’t present, then that just means you haven’t met them yet. For those who believe they have met their soulmate and lost them over time. Remember that this relationship is supposed to be connected by more than just the ordinary. If they were your soulmate, they will come back. Again, just don’t fret over the minor details, this world is just as big as the hearts that live on it.

In the end, everyone on this beautiful earth are searching for that other half of themselves. Someone that makes them feel completed and gives meaning to living in such troubling times. There are many ways you could go about finding this person, but first you have to know the difference between them both. Maybe analyze those whom you believe are closest to you just to make sure you haven’t been staring at that person all along.


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