Mayfair Sugar Scrub Review

Mayfair Sugar Scrub Review

“Grapefruit Bergamot”

Can I start off by saying that this product smells AMAZING?!?

IMG_0466 (1).JPG

Not only does it smell amazing it’s packaging is very cute and chic. I mean anything that comes in a container similar to a mason jar is chic, literally. I stumbled across this sugar scrub at my local Target, and because MauMea is addicted to sugar scrubs, we just had to try it! Depending on where you find this product; Walmart, Target, WWalgreens etc, the average price should range around $5 to $7 dollars. Which is pretty good for 20 ounces of product. It’s a sugar scrub so it’ll last a while, which means more bang for your buck.


Before we get into the unique smell of this product let’s just dabble in a few other areas first. The sugar scrub is thick but not dry like a lot of the other scrubs on the market. This was a very good sign to me, because that meant it was probably going to have a longer moisturizing effect than others I have tried.


After further inspection of the ingredients label, I realise that this product isn’t filled with drying agents such as alcohol. Another good sign, and the 2nd reason I wanted to, no, had to try this. I actually love that they included glycerin and Real Sugar!! Don’t you hate when your sugar scrub has no sugar?? Yuck! It is also Paraben and Phthalate Free.

IMG_0467 (1).JPG

There is an amazing added bonus to purchasing Mayfair Products; they do not test on animals and all of their products are made in the USA. This really hits home, because I’m trying to convert to Veganism. With a mind full of doubts and concerns and this really makes me happy that I’ve stumbled upon a product I can convert with me. Also a portion of your purchase is donated to Starlight Children’s Foundation! If you’re not familiar with this charity just click the link above to be taken to their site!

IMG_0468 (1).JPG

Like I mentioned before the scent is heavenly, and it just feels so luxurious on your hands. After all my early assumptions I’m pretty satisfied with this product, My hands are soft and feel very hydrated. Plus I’ve received several compliments from my friends about the smell. I wanted to test out the hydrating effects and waited 15mins before applying lotion to my hands, and as you can see in the picture below they still appear pretty smooth and without usual signs of dryness, ash lol.

IMG_0469 (1).JPG

Overall I’d rate this sugar scrub a must have for the modern day chic adventure. I seriously adore this product and feel that it has so many benefits from using it daily. You’re not only improving yourself by choosing this product but the quality of life for a child in need with the donation from the purchase. I even had to bring this product with me to our #squadBABES get together for everyone to try, and it was a bigger show stopper than the facial mask we intended to try for the event.

That’s it keep on the lookout for more reviews!

-XOXO~ Lanaeii

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