Finding Balance in Real Life VS Our Virtual Lives

Hello lovelies!

It can sometimes seem almost impossible to find balance in our Real Lives. But honestly why does everything seem to go perfectly in our Virtual Lives?
I personally think it’s because we can be whoever/whatever we want to be in our Virtual Lives.

For instance, if we want to Role Play as a dog/snake alien hybrid that speaks only fluent Russian, then we can do that.
Whereas in life, we can’t.
So, because of that, occasionally we get wrapped up in pretending to be happy so that we can live out all of our dreams in our Virtual Lives that we forget about the Real World.

The human race as a whole are a very easily distracted group and we like to stay that way sometimes. But sometimes we forget to actually live because we’re so busy trying to stay distracted from all of the bad things. I know that I am guilty of that personally. What I use for a standard distraction is reading. I absolutely love reading and Mystery/Fiction books are my very favorite. Especially if they happen to have a little bit of Fantasy mixed in. My current favorite is the Charley Davidson Series and I have read every single one and am currently re-reading them because I crave to be distracted.

The main problem is that we do forget to live.
It’s occasionally incredibly hard to distinguish living, from just being.
Nine times out of ten, we’re just being.
Just existing on this floating rock hurtling through space and trying to pretend to be happy.

That is what we need to change.

We need to remember that truly living, is not sitting behind a computer screen, or staring at a phone.
Even though that is literally what I am doing right now to tell you about this.

A good way to find balance in between the two is to occasionally go somewhere and “forget” your phone at home, let your laptop die, “lose” the charger to your tablet/cell phone for a few hours after it dies.

Maybe go camping somewhere that has no service or signal.
Go to a meal with some friends and instead of all of you playing on your phones the entire time, put them all in a pile, face down in the middle of the table.

I went on a date one time with a guy that did that and honestly it was the most fun date I’ve ever been on and I’ll never forget it.

Have a Game Night with your family or friends and do nothing but play board games and eat pizza rolls.
Things like this are absolutely easier said than done, but sometimes it’s worth the extra effort.

I’ve been in a long distance relationship for around 7 years now and believe me, it is very hard to keep myself off of my phone and not driving my poor boyfriend absolutely bonkers. Because, I want nothing more than to be able to video chat him 100% of the time that we are not together. But I have learned to get past that, and, once you do, your life will change for the better and you’ll be more aware.

Thanks for reading guys!


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