Matte Lipstick Reviews for Date Night

Hello Lovelies!!

Liz here, I’ve got some Date Night Matte Lipstick reviews for you!
So, I’ve previously mentioned that I’m in a long distance relationship, so needless to say, when we get to see each other, I’m putting my lipsticks to the test.
So! Without further ado! Here we go:

Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

I absolutely 100% adore this lipstick. This is my number one live by lipstick.
I wear it constantly, it is my everyday wear.
However, when the boyfriend is in town, I cannot wear it because not only does it taste awful, but it also smudges with kissing. Poor guy always ends up covered in LUV. Pun intended.
So while KVD is my favorite, I cannot always wear it unfortunately.

Revlon ColorStay

This is my mother’s lipstick that she has always used since it first came out.
This is her “Old Faithful”.
This lipstick will never ever come off of your face. Never. This lipstick is the most amazing thing ever. It’s probably wouldn’t come off your lips if you took a power washer to them.
Okay, I realize that’s a tad over-dramatic, but I mean, come on, it stays FOREVER!!

You have to actually scrub with your makeup remover to get it off. It can feel a little thick and kind of cakey, it always does for me. But it doesn’t for my mom. Granted I go over it two or three times to get the color I want it to be.
Long story short, great lipstick for date night!

Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Liquid Catsuit

I have just recently come across this magical product and it is heavenly.
The colors are so vibrant and it goes on smoothly and you don’t have to do more than one coat to get your desired color like you do with the previous two. The only way you can really get it off is with grease or with makeup remover. This stuff stays put. It doesn’t have any strange chemical taste like KVD’s or Revlon’s occasionally does.
I have not had any complaints from the boyfriend on this lipstick! ❤

Last one lovelies!

L.A. Color’s Matte Liquid Lip Color

Y’all. Oh my gosh. I have just recently found this.
And by just recently, I mean like, on August 21st because it was the day of the eclipse and they have a color called Eclipse and how could I pass that up??? Omg… Anyways..
This liquid matte is absolutely one of my favorites. It is true to color, it’s slightly thick, but not so much so that it feels like you dipped your lips in candle wax. Because I’ve had lipstick like that. The only problem I’ve had with it is the same problem I’ve had with Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Liquid Catsuit, and that’s that the brush is too fuzzy. It causes my lip line to not be smooth and it’s fairly frustrating, but it’s not something I can’t live with. It’d just be easier to not have to deal with it. The plus side is if you can figure out how to get it to work well with you, it’s the perfect lipstick. It doesn’t smudge, it doesn’t come off easily either. So it’s definitely kiss proof. And it’s really reasonably priced! I love it!

So there you go lovelies, that’s my favorite date night liquid lipsticks!

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