Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Definitely not trying to sound like Justin Bieber here, I promise.

I know we like to look over mental health in general, but I want to stress the importance of acknowledging those suffering from deteriorating mental stability on the daily. Honestly I believe that there just isn’t enough emphasis on the importance of caring for our own conscious and the obvious point of “Love Yourself”.



This can be taken out of context, but basically when do we ever take time to enjoy ourselves. Like taking five minutes out of the day to relax, paint our nails and focus solely “US”? It can seem impossible with our busy lives, dealing with work, children and annoying family member to get a breather but it is so important. But did you know that some of the main leading causes of mental illnesses are contributed by our social environment such as, dysfunctional families, social pressure and low self esteem. Kind of makes sense why we need a little time away from everything and everyone.

In the past I’ve dealt with depression, and slipped into a place that were not going to mention here. But it can be seriously scary, and life can seem so pointless. I never took the time to stop everything and take time and appreciate the little bit of happiness I experienced on the daily. Or at least I made excuses as to why I shouldn’t or couldn’t take the time I needed to rest.


Basically I was putting myself down, believing I wasn’t important enough and even good enough to take time for myself. Now that I look back, I was the only thing poisoning my future. No one can play both the heroine and villain in their stories, so something had to give. I made quite a few changes to my daily routines and tried to bring new meaning to the idea of positivity. This is why I want to share my story and hopefully raise awareness about this issue that gets overlooked so often. The changes I made helped me dramatically and of course it wasn’t easy, but with a little dedication and love we can all lift a small bit of the burdens we deal with everyday!

So here are some of the basic changes I made:

  • Dedicating 1 hour of relaxation/ rest everyday
  • Instead of constantly doubting my actions, I evoked positive influence on each decision I made
  • Followed some positive motivation bloggers on instagram and facebook. So than when I opened up these apps my timelines/ feeds will have amples amount of motivation.
  • Got my bestfriend involved with my new routine and planned girl time with her. Like going to discount movie day every thursday or getting our makeup done by a professional
  • Cut off all contact with poisonous people, which was hard! I thought I needed them or was wrong to do so. But I have been so much happier.
  • Broke it off with my boyfriend. Sounds crazy, but I was never mentally ready for the burdens of a relationship and it wasn’t fair to put him through so much heart ache of dealing with someone who was incapable of loving themselves.

I know it seems like a lot, especially with the whole ending your romantic relationship bit. But I’m not saying you have to do what I’ve done, this is just an example of what some positive changes may look like. You tune your new routine to your problem areas, mine just so happened to be more personal than I realised. Once I took a few small steps, the big ones didn’t seem so hard and my life became lighter. The negative impact that had wedged its way into my heart slowly started to fade. But I’m in no way saying this is a cure, I still suffer from mild depression fits even now today. But instantly my attacks became less and I could actually function in real time.

Which brings us back to the point i was trying to make. After my changes I came to the conclusion that we make our own story, and no one can live it or write it for you. It’s your destiny to do as you please and live as you want. And instead of searching for someone to tell us were pretty, or you’re amazing, jump into that role yourself. Be the hero of your story, because that handsome knight, or gorgeous princess may not exist. A major way to battle mental illness, is by being positive, loving yourself and acknowledging that small glimmer of light in the ideals of our futures.


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