Wet N Wild Highlighter Review

Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighter Review

Wet N Wild Royal Calyx #324B

Looking for a glow that will stun, and have people begging to know your secret? Well this product is for you! I have not once been disappointed with this Highlighter, the price is matched perfectly with the actual effects of use. For only $4 dollars you can have a amazing glow that excites and last all day. Time to amp up those natural looks with a little flair ladies!

This product is highly pigmented, so you get the full effect of the iridescent hue on your cheeks. Unlike other inexpensive drugstore highlighters, that completely fail at giving us any type of glimmer. Another thing I appreciate is the packaging feel sturdy enough to be carried in makeup bags and purses. I know a lot of consideration is lost when trying to provide a amazing product equaled with it’s price. I also loved how smooth the application, and you don’t actually need multiple applications to achieve a vibrant result.

This product has easily found it’s way into the list of my top favs. It has all of the qualities we look for in makeup form the price, color, depth. I recently did the complexion test, like I do with all our highlighters, and was pleasantly surprised that the color held its own against darker shades. It was just a vibrant and colorful, which is a good thing because a lot of companies fail us with their complexion ranges.

I’ve received many compliments while wearing this product, and I cannot wait till they release more for us to sample! So if you see this product, please add it to your top picks, you will not be let down!!



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