My review of L.A. Colors’ Matte Liquid Lipstick

Hey lovelies!

So, I bought L.A. Colors’ Matte Liquid Lipstick on the day of the Eclipse, literally only because it was called, Eclipse.

Partly because of the irony of it, mostly because it’s almost a PERFECT dupe of Lime Crime’s Cashmere. Like, it’s pretty freakin’ close. Man. And I LOVE it.

Now, I eat a LOT of greasy foods. I’m a big girl and I love my greasy foods. I can put this lipstick on before work at 10am, and it will still be on almost perfectly all the way into the night.

Only problem I seem to have with it, is that it tends to cake a little bit. But only around the edges. It may come off a little bit on the inside edges of my lips, but that’s because I’m a nervous chewer, so I’m constantly chewing on my mouth.

HOWEVER, if you’re not a nervous chewer and don’t mind it feeling a little thick, you have got yourself a new lipstick!!

Definite plus side? It’s only like, $3.00 at Dollar General!!

Which absolutely means that it’s super convenient and cheap to buy!

Go and buy it up guys! ❤

~Love, Liz

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