Should I go Vegan

Should I go Vegan?

I know this is perpetually an unusual question with the possibility of thousands of answers concluding with none of them being wrong or right. But I have asked myself this over and over again, for the last 2 years. To give you a little background, I was once a vegetarian for about 10 years straight, until I was basically forced to eat a whole rack of pork ribs when I was in college hazing for a sorority. I was so disgusted with the entire experience that I quit pledging and all may dreams of becoming a sorority leader were crushed. 4 Years later I’m back in college again, and still eating meat without any purpose to do so. For a while now I’ve been feeling like a part of me was lost, and that there’s this other side to life I’m forgetting about.

When I would indulge in a beef patty or steak, I always ended up thinking about where the meat came from. How the cow suffered before it made it right onto my plate. Which ended up spoiling plenty of meals for me, and leading me right to the toilet to give everything back to the bowl. Usually I tossed those incidents aside, being a agriculture and pre vet double major as just guilty conscious for seeing a real life slaughterhouse. Or I’d think I was scared from the whole adventure in general; But I just never felt right eating any type or form of ‘Meat’.

Is that weird?

I know they say we should be conscious of our food and what we put into our bodies, but I don’t think they meant this. So recently I decided to go back to being a vegetarian in general; which is a easy task for me since beforehand I stopped eating meat weeks ago, and I never particularly liked eggs. I seriously could never stomach the idea of eating them, or where they come from, Barf fest Central! I’ve seen videos or chickens laying eggs and let me tell you it is the weirdest thing ever. And I’m lactose-intolerant, so I’ve used milk subs like soy, and almond milk for years. I also use subs for traditional butters, and cheeses so everything transitioned easily for me in this department. Which got me to thinking…

Should I got Vegan??

I have seriously been debating over this subject for an entire year, simply because I knew I could transition to vegetarian at anytime since I was basically living the lifestyle anyways. But was becoming vegan a bigger step or another rock under my feet? To answer that, yes it was a huge step, especially after learning what a true vegan is. If you don’t know what a real vegan means, please click here to read our article on this very subject! At first I stepped into this subject with heavy soles; thinking it’ll be easy and quick but I’m not so sure now. For one I base my entire life on daily products but most of all makeup!!! I realised a lot of the brands I currently review and swear by TEST ON ANIMALS!

Like seriously?

How have I been so blind this entire time, but how do I still want to use them so badly even now?

To make matters worse, I have tons of leather shoes, belts, wallets and purses. I even have matching sets that are my go to when travelings cause they make me look so chic, trendy and modern. I have issues, I know this already, but I have some serious concerns. My concerns are backed into a wall with a real desire to be vegan and shed my dependance from these materialistic holds on my life. I don’t want to sound like I’m whining or complaining, that’s not the point of this entire sit down, honest. I just wonder if people who are vegan now had the same woes are some of us trying to figure out if we should transition or not.

I know it wasn’t easy but what was their motivation, how did they break their ties with their top products? How is life different, what are the benefits? Most importantly how will I fit into this circle, will my life fall in ruin? Up until now I don’t think I’ve ever made a decision this hard before honestly. I have so many questions and concerns that I may never get past this bump to finding true in my own logic.

There are so many cruelty free makeups and products to choose from, some of which I already use because of that fact. So why do I still stick by brands that test on animals? Like Revlon, Maybelline, and L’oreal?? Is this another reason for me not to go Vegan? Am I making excuses?

Someone told me you need to have clear goals and a reason for going Vegan or you’ll fail. I believe I have a good reason, and I could set some minor goals to get me started; but part of me feels like that just isn’t enough. I feel like I need to grow as a person before I can make this transition. I’ve been devoting myself to my hobbies for years and right now it just doesn’t seem possible for me to break these habits now. Plus my understanding of the vegan lifestyle is very limited, so how can one devote themselves to something they are not to familiar with?

So maybe before I tackle a life change as serious as going Vegan, I need to do a little more growing as an individual and widen my understanding of the lifestyle. An when I’m yet again to come before you and ask this question again, let’s meet up for coffee and give me your answer.

Should I go Vegan?


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