MD Argon Oil Mosturizer Review

Measurable Difference (MD) Argon Oil Review


Dry body and face with no time to waste? Well I have something for you! The MD Argan Oil is just the greatest thing I have stumbled across on. During the winter months my face gets really dry and let me tell you; this is it! Need more? I got you! You can also use this for the body, not just the facial skin. I reccomend it’s best right after a shower.

The dropper tool that comes with this product makes it super easy to use and helps give an approximate amount necessary. If you’re a product abuser this will help with an easy application that will not make it too easy for overuse.

When you have a dropper you have to make sure that you do not squeeze too hard or you will end up with a product overage. Unless that is what you want because this is also a body oil. Double trouble! Who doesn’t love those? This makes for a good right-out-of-the-shower oil it makes the skin so soft and supple and really enjoyable to the scent senses.

Although I love to use this product when I have an excessive amount of dry skin from time to time; when I do use it, I have to be careful because not only is this a facial/body oil it is oil. Remember when I said, ‘if you’re a product abuser…’ trust me you will know that this will be too much at one time when you have it. It can be very thick and trust me when I say that a little goes a long way. Overall, I give this product a .

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