To Chop or not to Chop

To Chop or not to Chop?

Everyone gets “scissor happy” once in awhile, but knowing when to put the scissors down can be a challenge. Especially when you’re about to start that major journey into the natural lifestyle. There is a very serious undefined line of when to Chop or not to Chop! I can definitely elaborate, because I have been at the edge many times on this subject.

When I first decided to chop off my hair it was severely damaged and no amount of product was going to cure it; I was scared. Anyone would be reddin with worries “Will it grow back?” “Is this a mistake?” “Is it necessary?”. More than likely if your beautician is telling you to chop off literal inches, you probably need it. I know my hair was incurable and desperate for some professional attention. But after the whole event passed it didn’t seem so bad. I actually ended up cutting my hair more often than necessary. I wasn’t seeing any growth, so I figured another chop was necessary.

This way of thinking is very invalid, and can be another reason why your not seeing actual growth. I mean you’re chopping off all your hard earned benefits from those long days preparing your lovely locks. Don’t get scissor happy, instead devote those concerns with some actual knowledge. Find out what’s slowing your growth, whether an unhealthy diet, bad products or useless protective styles. The main point is that you shouldn’t be trimming your ends, inches at a time, every week or every time you get a new hair do.

It can be very hard to decide when your hair has had enough and needs a good chop. A few signs would be:

  • Substantial amounts of split ends
  • Heavy Shedding
  • Ruined Texture

All of these and anything else out of the ordinary trends of your hair can be clear indicators you may need to toss worries aside. Everyone’s hair is different and takes multiple levels of care. That’s why it is never a good idea to solely rely on someone else’s hair care routine. You should know YOUR HAIR best, and create a routine targeted towards your concerns and problem areas. Why use a dandruff shampoo when you have absolutely no problem with dandruff? Wrong products can dramasticly slow down the success of the chop and even lead to having to start the journey all over again.

Here are some other good tips:

  • Introduce new products slowly; try them on a small section of hair to see the effects.
  • Stay away from products ridden with alcohols; they can be very damaging
  • Use protective styles properly; cold weather to protect ends
  • Moisturize often; but do not drown your scalp

Remember your hair doesn’t have a voice of its own, but it will give you signs that there is something wrong. By ignoring these signals and improperly treating common problems, you can become the main reason why you have to chop! It’s time to know when enough is enough..

~XOXO- Lanaeii

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