In this fast paced world, its nice to know someone has your back. That’s exactly the way we want you to feel about our blog. MauMea was created with the idea that whatever is posted here could impact or even change someones life for the better.

MauMea will feature everything from Beauty Tips, Health & Fitness, Recipes, DIYs; Fashion; Latest Trends; Home Remodeling, we’ll try not to skip anything in between. Subscribers alike will be able to do a little of everything when were finished.

Here at MauMea were on a journey of self discovery and world awareness. We decided to document every adventure and change in our lives, as well as share our uncommon knowledge with you. As we travel, learn new languages, invent new hobbies and learn new life hacks we will post them here for you to try.

Maybe we can found ourselves together?

-LovelyThings, xoxo