Is Your Skincare Routine Healthy?

“Seriously I did not want to ask you this but; Is your skincare regime HEALTHY?” I know earlier we went over the whole “Moisturizer should be BAE” thing; as well as how to complete the process and moisturize properly. Just in case you haven't read that article OR you know nothing about moisturizing and need … Continue reading Is Your Skincare Routine Healthy?


Moisturizer should be our real BAE!

“Seriously knowing how to PROPERLY moisturize is everything!” It can make such a huge difference to your face and body. Also knowing what kind of moisturizer you need is just as important. YES PEOPLE, there are different kinds, different scents and different purposes. I’m pretty sure everyone is pretty familiar with cleansing their skin and … Continue reading Moisturizer should be our real BAE!

The Benefits of Adding Grapefruit to Your Diet

  Most people hear grapefruit and think about how large and sour they are.  Then again, you also hear about people DETOXIFYING their bodies to either help them get LEAN and FIT and or kick start their diet plans.   Here I have at least three different reasons why a Grapefruit Detox Water can help … Continue reading The Benefits of Adding Grapefruit to Your Diet